On To The Future


Well, sitting here watching AGT with a freaking pimple coming in on chin wondering if it is connected to possibility of having PCOS. But, we won’t know for a while as we are waiting for my hubby to be able to find a job–as his first one fell through. But, todo of my older sisters got tested for it this last week & they are now waiting on the results.

Also, need to get an eye appointment done because I haven’t had one in over 6 years–shortly before my sister passed away so, definitely time. & boys need go in & see the dentist–so do I but, who REALLY wants to do that?

Hubby is going out later to run errands–hopefully. But, all I am really praying is that a job comes through so, when we get the new place with my sister & bro in law, that we can afford our half & more.

But, any ways, 4 kiddos are sleeping so, before I get too lazy, it’s time for caffeine & some dishes.

Just really hoping things hurry up & work out! I could really use a nap. & I miss my mommy–had a blast with her this last weekend for my oldest fourth birthday.

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