Propose A Purpose

Last night, before I finally fell asleep, I had a “Go Ahead & Judge Me” post planned but, obviously it wasn’t too important because I can’t remember what I was going to put in it but, as I am sitting here this morning, I feel like having a post of just revealing a lot but, for now–we’ll just keep thinking but, what is really on my mind is two things…

First, HAPPY DAY! When my mom was up here this last weekend, she took my hubby out for a breakfast sandwich & he sat down & just started talking to her about a lot of things that are going on in our marriage & things he knows he needs to change if we are going to make it another year–Next year would be our 5 year old’s birthday & my mom’s birthday too (as they are 9 days apart). So, my mom was half joking about coming back up here in a year & checking in with him to see how things are going & he was okay with it. I super excited because–well, I must admit, I would have been the first to say our marriage was going to hit a dead end if we didn’t tackle the potholes we were having in our marriage. But, he has been working his bum off this week. He hasn’t been on the computer when the boys are awake, he has been putting in applications, we haven’t been attacking each other, & this morning, when little Z woke up at 5 AM (I swear the clock said 2 AM–or so I thought), I got up with him but, my hubby got up with him & sent me back to bed–as long as he got a nap. I got up at 6:30 but, he tried to send me back to bed but, I stayed awake so I was feeling a lot more rested.

The way our marriage is going now, I have to say, I FREAKING LOVE IT! He has been helping around the house, looking for a job, running errands, helping with the boys, playing with them, & planning stuff out with me. We have a trip to the Oregon Coast planned next summer! Just going to start saving for it & see what all we want to do so we can get it rolling. So, in regards to that–if you have a favorite place in Oregon… What is it?

Also, my hubby had to go to the store to get bread & milk last night but, he ended up getting other food but, I was super proud because unless we REALLY needed it, he got everything on sale! I am super proud–in case you haven’t read it already, I am a couponer. I haven’t been able to do much of it since we have moved but, I love, love, love to coupon & save as much money as possible because we have 5 people to feed & right now, money is tight & we live off of assistance. So, the fact that he saved 15% on food, just by making sure everything was on sale–& this weekend, I told my mom I was craving onion rings. Well, guess what he got!

The other thing is thanks to a beautiful, fellow blogger. She started blogging 52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose which made me Google some ideas. I found one that I really like & I believe will give me some self-growth & allow me to truly to get know myself & everything around me so, I am excited to start that. I got the idea from the picture below–well, the idea of what I’ll be blogging about. Although, it might just be as fun to create my own, I really like the way this is laid out.

Well, this morning, I am hoping that my hubby gets a interview or some kind of news on a job–he has been stressed out lately & I know that it is eating away at his manhood–I’ve been there before, not the manhood part, just jobless and it gets to you so, I am really hoping that something will come around for him. Poor guy!

And with that, the noise from the kiddos & the “mommy” ‘s start.

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