Canning Pears

This is what my family grew up doing! & I am so looking forward to trying it on my own as my kiddos grow–right now, with a (almost) 4 month old, it would be ridiculously hard, with as crabby as he has been. But, when we get moved into the new house (that we just got approved for yesterday), I am going to start stocking up on canning supplies & next summer, I am going to grow as much in a garden as I can! 🙂 Super excited! 😀 The dream continues.


Yesterday, my neighbour C and I canned pears using the pears from my old house pear tree and from her boyfriends tree.

I’d never canned, well, anything before. I’ve been canned (har har har) before, but ya. C is relatively new to canning as well. It was a fun experience, a bit of effort but totally worth it.


Obviously, you need pears to do this. A lot of them. And sealable mason jars as well. You have to peel all the pears and sterilize the jars and lids. That’s a tad time consuming, but ya.


Then you bring 8 cups of water, 1 and a half cups of sugar, and cinnamon (as much as you desire — we used A LOT) to a boil and add the peeled and cut pears. Let them boil for 5 minutes, then put them into the jars. Stuff as many as you can in…

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