Poor Sport Alert!

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I have to admit that I am horrifically ashamed of myself. My husband & I sat down this evening to have a nice, relaxing date night together–after the 3 boys finally passed out. Unfortunately–this momma was a tard!

We decided to give Madden 25 a try–my brother-in-law bought it for the NFL Red Zone ticket. So, we gave it a try. It was a really close game–almost went into overtime until we got to the last-minute in the 4th quarter. I had the ball with 59 seconds left but, for the life of me, I couldn’t get a catch. I went for it on 4th down, not realizing that I was within field goal range for my hubby when he got the ball. Needless to say that he got the football & won with a field goal. But, I have to say that I am extremely disappointed in myself because of my potty mouth during the game. I was so furious at the game for not doing what I wanted it to when I was playing offensively & was so excited when I was on defense & they would stop my husband ALL the time.

If my children had seen what I was doing–I would have been so shamed. It reminded me of when my sisters & I used to play & I was really good at Crash Bandicoot–there was this one day where I beat two of my sisters & they both threw the controller. One bounced up & hit me in the chest & the other time threw the controller & it hit me square on the kneecap. I felt like that was me–I am horrified by the way I was so juvenile.

Definitely something I am going to have to work on–losing sucks but, I need to be able to just have a relaxing, date night with my hubby & not be swearing–next time, I vote we just play on the same team–we have enough trouble in real life when it comes to remembering we are on the same team (right now)–I think it’s safer to play on the same team & just rack the points up to the 100’s together. Definitely going to play date night differently.

Lesson learned though–right?

So there it is–little bit about me… I love the competition but, I need to learn oh to loss gracefully & be a good sport.

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