Uncomfortable Family Dinner

You all know what I am talking about–those uncomfortable family dinners. Whether it is with your immediate family or the ENTIRE extend family, we’ve all had them.

Maybe it’s Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner–maybe even a Sunday Easter dinner–whatever it is, we’ve all been there. But, what really makes it uncomfortable?

hero_mba_11Electronics? Sitting around at the table while everyone has phones in hand (while you don’t have one) & there’s no conversation–definitely awkward. I was in this position just last week. We have recently moved & are staying with my sister & brother in law until we all move in a bigger house next month. Well, when my husband & I were broke (3 kiddos, 2 adults, & 1 child support to pay–on one salary), we gave up our phones–$300+ when you have to be able to afford diapers for 3 kiddos… Yeah, wasn’t going to happen–but, back to the awkward moment. We were all sitting in the living room with some of their friends. All 4 adults had phones, iPads, iPad minis, etc. & were using all kinds of electronics to track their Fantasy Football scores so we could see who was crushing who. It’s usually not too bad & I really glad I don’t have a phone so that I can give all three kiddos all the attention they deserve but, of course (go ahead & judge me), they are playing with blocks, watching cartoons, & sleeping right now & I am sitting on the computer. But, try it the next time you have an opportunity–sit in somewhere–doctor’s office, park, home, etc.–wherever you want to & put away your phone. Watch the looks you get, how many people have phones vs. those who don’t, etc.–see what kind of crazy, awkward situations you get put in without a phone.


Furniture? Maybe you have to sit up super straight on a wooden chair & your rear end is super bony–if it’s the right chair, it’ll make the whole meal uncomfortable as you try to sit there–the chair beginning to make your tuchas sore–there listening to people ramble on about everything going on in their lives. But, whether the chair isn’t padded enough, the table is too short, etc.–the furniture can kill a good meal–not enough foot room, having to sit too close to people & feeling like no one has personal space, etc.

Personal Space? That’s another thing–if you don’t know the people very well or if you are just a “my bubble” type of person or just not a social butterfly–or maybe Cousin Billy Bob hasn’t showered in a month & smells like manure, cousin Franco ate too much garlic the other day  & the stench is just radiating from every pore of his body–whatever it is–sadly, anyone & everyone can make a family meal awkward.

Food? Perhaps you are a vegan, vegetarian, on a diet, etc. & can’t/don’t/won’t eat certain things–depending on what is being served–if the whole menu is stuff you can’t/don’t/won’t eat–that will kill the family dinner too. But, only if people start looking at you like your some kind of @$$.

What kind of stuff kills a family dinner for you?

2 thoughts on “Uncomfortable Family Dinner

  1. I’m going to have to try the no phone thug. I never thought of it like that. Next time we have football night, I’m leaving my phone in my car!

    1. Fingers crossed–usually, we’re a few minutes behind so, they call a social media blackout so, phones are gone half the time but, I’ve noticed life is better without them sometimes.

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