Oh the Irony!

Since our move here to this good ol’ city–I’ve started applying for some photography & some writing positions. Well, today, I got a response to an email I had sent in regards to an ad on Craigslist.


The day we came here, we arrived at my sister’s apartment complex. We had a 16′ Budget truck & of course, a car came up behind my hubby but, wouldn’t go around him, just kept honking so, he pulled into an off-road. Unfortunately, it was a dead in. He had pulled all the day down to the end & had to back out–of course, before we realized that he would have to back out, he tried to turn around. Getting himself stuck in a parking spot between a fancy car, the curb, & the car port. Said fancy car was a 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 (or at least looks exactly like one–hubby said he thought it was a Charger). Needless to say, we got my brother-in-law & they got it out but…

Are you ready for the irony? If not–STOP READING!

Today, the email I received is to write a SEO article about a… 2013 Ford Shelby GT500! Had a little chuckle with I looked up the car but, not to get to work while little Z sleeps.

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