Toss & Turn

What happens when you go to sleep with wet hair.

Oh what a night–got Z to around just after 8 & jumped in the shower after the Bears got their challenge flag turned into a touchdown but, came out to a little man wide awake. Ugh! & with him waking up at 4:30 the last 2 days, there was NO way I wanted to be up later than nine. But, guess what–I was up until almost 10 PM–then Mr. took over & kept him slightly content until 10:30–after that, he came & woke me up. I fed him again & SOMEHOW managed to convince him it was bedtime. He was awake at 5:45 AM. & didn’t take a nap for a while but, he is now sleeping & started this blog thinking…

… Finally, some quiet time…

Creamer with a side of coffee.

& now, it’s noise, noise, noise… Silly kids! What are they thinking?! Oh well–just means coffee all day!–more like coffee all week with overtime this week. My sister & the lady I babysit for–their company had someone quit last Friday so, that makes they have to pick up the slack. Looking at (at least) an extra 8 hours this week. Guess we’ll wait & see. Gonna do what I need to for the family & keep telling myself 2 weeks until we have our new place with big yard & all! 🙂 CAN’T WAIT!

Come have a cup. 🙂

Missing my mommy a bit this morning, I made too much coffee–she returned home & then moved. But, she made it safely & we get to see her for Christmas so, SUPER excited for that. Super thankful my mom taught me to be a hard worker & do what I need to for my family. Just gotta keep doing what she taught me.

Watching cartoons.

Looking at our kiddos, I can only hope they end up with half as awesome parents as I had–two people to make up for my one parent (mom was mom & dad).

Love these two little men! –totally need to give them haircuts. Thinking Mohawk & trim. Mohawk for Mr. L. I think. Guess we’ll see.

I am a drinker with writing problems.

–Brendan Behan

The little man that started it all.
The little man that started it all.

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