Fall Begins


Well, I am debating about a nap today. Z slept horrible last night & I’ve been ready for bed for a while. But, because I missed naptime already, I feel like I shouldn’t. So, laying on the couch, typing this up, half asleep, while Mr. pulls apart the PS3 controls & tries to fix them.

Thinking about digging some of the arts & crafts stuff out do the boys get to do something fun & I don’t fall asleep. Come on, energy!

I got an email about a freelance job offer–really hoping it pans out. Going to go look at some journalism courses as I know I still have a lot to learn & it might make this place a bit more exciting for y’all. 😉 Can’t have the readers needing coffee after reading this.

Well, here it goes–plans are shopping list (maybe), arts & crafts, computer/craft/office room, our room, & … Oh yes, school courses. & the rest of the Pepsi or some coffee. So, here it goes–hopefully, I can get my energy levels up cause my body isn’t feeling it yet.

What are you weekend plans? Got some good crafts that y’all are doing for Halloween? Anyone started putting up decorations or costume shopping?

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