This is the Human Race?

Yesterday, while scrolling through my Newsfeed, a mommy’s group had posted this wondering what everyone’s opinion was. Personally, I am appalled that they are even considered to be in the same “human race” I am & completely disagree!


I have my opinion on how wrong they are but, I will let this next picture speak for me–in a nicer way & more humorous way than my own words would be able to manage.


Thoughts? Are you for or against? Agree or disagree?

I do understand how it can be weird at first but, as a friend said, “God made me for babies, not for sex.” If we weren’t supposed to use them to feed our babes, we wouldn’t have been given milk inside. Plus, breastmilk is 1) less expensive 2) supposed to make for smarter babes 3) makes for less stinky poops.

One thought on “This is the Human Race?

  1. Seriously? That has to be a troll. Or a severely ignorant person. I’m pro-feed the babies and shaming of any kind of feeding, be it formula or breast, is not cool. It is not ok to tell a breast feeding mom it’s wrong, because it’s not. It’s natural and our breasts should be seen as nourishment before being sexualized. They weren’t invented for man to play, they were invented to provide nourishment for babies. And shaming a formula feeding mother because breast is best is also not cool…everyone has their comfort zone and that’s fine, just don’t spew yours on other women. Nobody should have to cater to your “cannot see boobs” needs.

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