Traveling Article ERROR!

So here is what they wanted.

But, here is what I wrote…

Scary American Haunts for October

Goosebump raising cool temperatures, hair frizzing rain pouring, eerie fog rolling in—it is the perfect time to haunt down a ghoul and explore the gruesome seen around the possessed home just miles away. As this mysterious weather floats in all-around, the unnatural creatures emerge from hiding places around us and the hairs on the back of necks begin to curl, it is the perfect time to join in the sinister ways. Take a journey through a spooky corn maze, a creepy ship filled with eye-popping skeletons and terrifying mazes aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach, or a frightening pumpkin patch filled with surprises around every corner. Those frightening beasts only show up once a year to bring to life the horror movies we glue our eyes to in hopes we can ooze through a crack and join the cast in their unnerving adventure.

Frightening Temperatures

Not one to enjoy a good scare—have no fear as there is a vacation for everyone. If you wish to escape all of the bizarre beasts and frightening creatures that peek around from every corner causing you to tremble at the thought of what may be out there—find a quiet place with a fireplace lit that will dance across the rug as you sit under a blanket with loved ones and sip a nice warm cup of hot cocoa at Juan De Fuca Cottages and Suites in Sequim, Washington. Perhaps you want to be more active during this time well, there is a place for those too—a warm beach or a captivating resort with a relaxing spa on Mendocino Coast at Four Diamond Spa Bed and Breakfast to ease your worries during this eerie time of year.

Scary or Be Scared

Join in the fun—are you one who does not care to escape it all but, do not want to sit by and watch all the magic unfold? There are many options for you to get a good shriek out of a ghoul or a witch—perhaps you might man your own haunt house or be a scarecrow “hanging” on a pole waiting to frighten unsuspecting victims as they pass by at Terrorville in Washington DC.

Many options are available to you during this petrifying time of year—just get out and find what you would enjoy the most. You may the a scary American as this time approaches but, there are many options for you here, all you need to do is take a moment to explore the possibilities and allow us to help you find the right one for you.

Unfortunately, the only thing I was proved (in order to write this) was the title–and of course the client, which I looked up. But, I couldn’t find an article that looked like the one they were wanting but, now I know. I’ve written two other articles that I am going to look up & see if they got used but, it’s a learning experience. Now I know–but, the first client liked both the articles I wrote–of course, they have more to do with the medical field but, hey, just means I take after my mommy who is a medical transcriptionist and my older sister who is a medical biller/coder.

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