Winding Evening

Ah… Evening is starting to wind down a little. It’s been 13 hours of going with the kiddos. The little boy I watch was here until 4:30 but, Z didn’t take his afternoon nap for as long as he usually does so, I am over exhausted. Still have dishes and laundry waiting for me. But, I’ll get to them here shortly.

Hubby is stuck in traffic because there were 2 accidents on the freeways so, it was going to take 70 minutes to go 4 miles–downside of living in the “city” but, not in the same city that he works. He sounded a bit overwhelmed and grumpy so, decided to order some Pizza Hut. I got him some buffalo wings (with bones–ew!) that should help cheer him up.

My body is aching so, I am hoping he will help me figure out the hot water heater after the boys go to bed but, before he does or I am not sure my body will be functioning tomorrow. I have been holding Z a lot and putting him to sleep by walking him around and such but, my body isn’t used to it because he wouldn’t fall asleep that way before, I always had to use the bassinet.

Well, I am definitely glad that I didn’t have any extra work today–aka articles to write–as I am not sure I would have been able to do it without caffeine. I did make it through today without caffeine. But, my headache was back this afternoon/evening so, after things start settling down a little more, I need to get in to see a chiropractor or get a massage. Not sure how I am gonna do it since I babysit Mon-Fri from 6-4:30 but, maybe the chiropractors down the road will be open until later. I’ll have to look into it later but, for now, I’ll just plan on picking up some Tylenol this weekend and finding some exercises/stretches to make them go away.

Hoping that Z and I can get some good sleep tonight and almost wish he would sleep until 8 but, I know that won’t happen. Since Mr’s schedule changed, we are usually up by 6-7, at the latest. Z is used to the last couple weeks when Mr had to be at work by 7-8 so he was up by 5-6 and Z would join me in bed and nurse and then fall asleep again. But, now we don’t. Which is okay–just messed up my showering schedule too but, that’s what happens when work schedules change, we all readjust.

Oh well, laundry needs shuffling so that Mr will have clothes for tomorrow and so that L will have clean clothes to wear tomorrow and not fight me as much to put them on, since they will be green and I can convince him that he’ll be dressed like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle–as that is his new fad. Oh the things we do for the people we love.

Well, time to get busy or at least go sit on the couch with the boys while they watch the turtles until Mr and Pizza Hut gets here. I was hoping to bathe them all tonight but, Mr isn’t going to be home until late so, we’ll just have to do it tomorrow with a Redbox movie, popcorn, a late night, and some cuddling on the couch.

TGTIF!—Thank God Tomorrow Is Friday! Enjoy your evening folks.

What’s for dinner at your house? Kiddos have any favorite fads right now?

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