Good Riddance

These are the kind of bosses we all need! Those who know what good works they have and won’t put up with s*** customers who don’t appreciate them and try to ruin it for everyone.

Break Room Stories

My absolute favorite customer smack down has to between a former boss lady and a crotchety fart stain of a customer* who tried to make a reservation a few weeks after leaving a $5 gratuity on a check for $102.

Boss: I’m surprised you’re calling to make a reservation. I thought you’d be calling to complain.

Jerk: No. Why would I complain? Everything was fantastic last time. I’m really excited to try your blah blah blah.

Boss: Well, in that case, I’m sorry but you are no longer welcome at our dinner service.

Jerk: What? Why?

Boss: Because you did not pay your bill in full last time.

Jerk: [yelling]

Boss: Leaving my girls $5 on a $102 tab is disgraceful. [hangs up]


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