Mid-night Mishaps

What a day–ugh! That’s about all there is to say. I spent (what felt like) ALL day on the phone trying to get cable/internet setup here because my sister and I need to have it for work, getting the carpets first, and getting us a trash can–as we have a compost trash can & a recycling trash can but, not one for general garbage. Well, none of it worked out–not until my brother-in-law called the people to move things along. It was kind of ridiculous.

Well, ending the day wasn’t any better–I volunteered to make mac n cheese for my sister. Got it all made, baked it, and when it came out–I was putting Z to sleep. Well, Mr. says that it tastes different–sweet. That’s when I knew what I did because it wasn’t getting thick enough. So, round 2 tomorrow. But, it was a $#!++y way to end the day–that’s for sure.

Haven’t had work in the last two days–well, no article writing so, hoping that it’ll start flowing in next week, when my bosses gets the new company. Guess we’ll see. Well, now it’s time for some time with my hubby and a movie–we’re watching After Earth tonight.

Do you get date nights with your spouses? Or just some downtime?

I recommend Fire Proof! Such an amazing movie. & although our marriage is amazing right now, I am really considering doing the Love Dare to my husband, just as a growing experience for myself. But, we’ll see. I think it could be really beneficial for me. More to come about it later.

Hope you all have a good weekend–carpet should be getting fixed tomorrow so, going to do what I can to help my sister unpack and to unpack most of our stuff tomorrow–over living out of boxes.

Well, night readers–and fellow bloggers.

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