Mystery Monday

Well, last night was ridiculous–I never napped yesterday so, one of the last calls in the Broncos vs. Colts game sent me to bed early & grumpier. I laid down in bed but, ended up getting up & doing 50 crunched to work off my anger.

Then, Z woke up when Mr. came to bed & was awake every hour after that, woke up at 5, & didn’t pass out again until shortly before 7. By then, our two boys were awake & little boy was here. I played doze and panic on the couch for 30 minutes before Mr. got up & went to the store for me, before he had to go to work.

That brings us to about now–praying I don’t have other work today. But, at the same time, hoping it rolls in soon because we could definitely use the money.

Gonna be a long day cause Z doesn’t want to sit but, my achy body can’t stand forever… Time to break the fast, get the boys doing something fun, read some more Fit To Be Tied today, & work on Week 4—My Biggest Weakness.

Wishing you all happy Mondays!

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