“Haunting” Me Halloween

Yeah, it’s creeping up here. Halloween is next week. Didn’t really sink in until I woke up & checked in at work where I was told my work order was…

Word Count: 500-700 words
Keywords: How to crochet a cat

I assumed it was a typo when I began & wrote an article for a hat. Then I looked back and had a few choice words–checked in with my boss & rewrote it. It was closer to 2,000 with all the dang steps and abbreviations.

All I was thinking was–Have you ever since a crocheting plan? There’s no way you can only to 500-700 on steps to make it. HellO, I was over 900 for a hat!

Upside, the handyman showed up & fixed the tub & the drawer that broke last night. He is now outside fixing the gate to the backyard–or attempting to.

Poor Mr. Z didn’t like mommy having to woke this morning, he was fussing a good portion of the time. But, now he is happy go lucky in mommy’s arms.


Alas, the article is written–possibly. And it’s time to watch Aladdin with the boys. Then, coffee and either cereal or muffins.

Got my chocolates going again–yum! And possibly a recruit.

What are you up to fellow readers? Sleep time yet?

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