My Mind…

So, this is how my mind is thinking with the whole–

… we haven’t had service for over 2 weeks, 2 of us work from home & you’re telling me that it could be another 2.5 MONTHS (not weeks-months) until we have services (Internet & cable)…

1) DA FUQ?!?
2) I should get a job with them just for a week to get trained, fix ours, & quit. 🙂
3) … Amazed at the stupidity of some of the employees that work there.

Seriously 3 fuqing months to get services we were supposed to have to begin with… Ugh!

Time to go buy some DVDs or just use Redbox some more. Switch Netflix to just DVDs, I mean–SHIZ! You would e cost me a place to live, etc. if I could t make a hotspot & find insecure Internet around here. Dang!

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