Everything is a Toy…


I have let my kids chew on diapers, eat fuzz from blankets, eat cardboard, play with my iPhone, & much, much more that has either gotten me strange looks or “talks” with Mr. cause he doesn’t agree.

What are some things you let your kids play with that get you funny looks? Or “talks”?

4 thoughts on “Everything is a Toy…

  1. I’ve let Nolan play with the pack of tampons and pads when I was getting ready for the day. Quite often actually lol. Well until he tried to eat the pads because he thought they were “cheese”…

    1. That’s awesome! L found one a pad and stuck it to his chest once. I have a picture somewhere. 🙂

      They also used to unpack the tampons and run around with them–it was weird…

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