21 thoughts on “Showering at Night…

  1. Oh my, my, the professor is distressed indeed! Manothunder! glad you were able to get it all under control as reflected in the second photo. That was downright frightful dadblameit! Certainly only a Punchyish person could be as creative….

    1. Lucky for me, it behaves with a clip–most of the time. Otherwise, just place head in sink and wet. 😉

      1. lol. I got enough “man” in the house to use as an excuse for all kind of trouble then. 🙂

      2. Nah–you just haven’t gotten an opportunity to meet the men in our “Mafia” family. 🙂

      3. 🙂 Perhaps. But, our family is just referred to as Mafia because we are all super close & would do anything for each other.

      4. He does. Heck, he started dating my new I was bald, after seeing me with multicolored hair.

      5. We used to live in a small town where it was “news”. But, hello big city now. 🙂

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