My assignment this morning was that… To write about a topic that had to do with Final Fantasy 14. I almost turned it down as I am very against gaming. However, it is a paycheck… & now, I can’t decide if I am a hypocrite or not. Ugh! Well, it’ll be the only time you will see that in my history when I am using the computer.

3 thoughts on “Hypocrite?

  1. Hmm interesting tidbit? I used to love playing Final fantasy..not sure which one haha. That and Fable. But those are the only two games I ever got into.

    1. I think my hubby played both of those before. But, I tried WoW but, it’s one where you have to be seriously into it and I just want one where I can play when I want to and do what I want without feeling like I HAVE to play so I can get this and do this… But, hubby gave up WoW so, it’s been awesome!

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