Alcoholic Showerer…

Right now, I am dreaming of a drink & another & another where I can just be super loopy & not have to take care of any kids for a few hours. But, I won’t be doing that–I will not become an alcoholic. I’ve been a smoker & a self-mutilator before… I will not go down that road again.

Instead, I turn to hot showers & ice cream. When things get to be too much, I fight through the day & make myself a huge bowl of ice cream & take a long HOT shower–one that burns all the stress off and let’s it fall away.

Perhaps you could call me an alcoholic showerer when I am stressed. But, it has been 24 hours since we have gotten HOT water & I have yet to set foot in our shower because I have been unpacking, hanging pictures, & just trying to keep up with our 3 kiddos. Although, the hubby & I did bust out a game of Madden–but, I am exhausted. I would like to throw 3 kids at their father, get the tub of ice cream, my laptop, & lock myself in our room (bathroom attached) until tomorrow morning. But… That will never happen.

Although, I am planning a trio next year & it will (hopefully) be my first kidless trip for a couple days. Not that I don’t like taking my kids with me but, this event is a special one & I want to be able to celebrate this other person the whole time. 🙂

Well, lasagna is almost done–I believe. Thank you sister & bil. 🙂 But, kids need food & bed. And then, then it’ll be my time & I can say eff the world/it all!!–until I hear another fussing or crying child–smell a stinky shiz or something else…

But, yes. I am an alcoholic ice cream eating, sleep wishing, workaholic showerer…. Did you follow all of that?

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