Good Riddance!

Hello (name),

I am sorry to inform you that (company) will have to let you go. I was informed by my editors that a number of your articles needed revisions due to grammar issues. We wish you well in your writing endeavors.

P.S. – If you ever feel like your writing has improved please contact me personally. You will need to complete a test article to re-join our writing team.

4 thoughts on “Good Riddance!

    1. I got “fired” for having bad grammar in some articles–the editors reported I had bad grammar in way.

      Oh well–I still have a freelance job and the one I have now is ALOT LESS stressful!

      1. Exactly! They are the ones that sent me 4 articles to do in about 6 hours. I did it. But, eh–they are too picky for the time. I am still young dude! I don’t know a crap ton about grammar right now. šŸ˜›

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