Healthy Goods & Crappy Junk

Our move hasn’t just given our marriage a fresh start, it has given is a fresh start with diet. When we moved here, we were eating fairly healthy. But, when money started trickling in, we started spending it on horrible foods and no matter what I would say about wanting to eat healthy, we always had some horrible food somewhere. But, I am going to change that. I have taken the 100 days of real food 10 day pledge to eat real food. I have been eating better this last week and have been feeling a lot better. However, last night, I didn’t eat so well and I could feel it this morning so, I am going to start a journey of eating healthy and on a budget. They says that you can eat healthy on $125/week for 4 people. I am going to aim for about that amount however, I am going to try to save more money. We do receive food stamps but, I don’t like to use them horrible. Now, the question is, write about it here or start another blog to write about it there…

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