Thanksgiving Eve

Started a new challenge yesterday–first day was don’t say anything negative to or about your hubby… I failed miserably. Although, I didn’t feel like I said negative just stuff like, “I know you’re trying to help but, I need to be able to… You doing … doesn’t help me … I just need a minute to…”

It was a long day yesterday. Worked myself into the ground so, had hardly any energy to cook breakfast for dinner. Screwed up some hashbrowns. Took a handful of comments (probably) too personally and the wrong way so, don’t have much motivation to do anything when I don’t feel like anything I do is good enough or anything.

Ugh… Some days being a stay at home mom stinks.

Time for some dozing or coffee. Breakfast for A and me. Z & L are still sleeping–lucky kids.

Well, no more venting/complaining before Thanksgiving. Time to figure out what I need to do today.

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