Judgmental Addictions

Are you an addict? No? Are you sure?

It doesn’t matter what it is–we all have some sort of addiction. There are many kinds–physical, mental/emotional, spiritual…

We all have one. Until 3.5 years ago, mine was cutting. Until a few months ago, my husband’s was playing World of Warcraft.

Now, I would say mine is coffee and a bit of social time. I also very much enjoy weight loss shows. But, I can go without them–but, some days, I feel like I need them. My real addiction is my kids. I need to have some kind if interaction with them and my husband. I need to see my family! I love them too much.

But, what we classify as an addiction? Anything someone does repeatedly that we wouldn’t–or they “shouldn’t” do.

An addiction is defined as…


So, to have an addiction, you have to be addicted–I always hated definitions that use another form of the word to explain the word. What does it mean to if you are “addicted” to something? What is “addicted”?

Addicted is defined as…

So it’s physically or mentally dependent on something–so, a cane, a walker, wheelchair, or crutches if you’re hurt? Is that’s the case? Well, that would mean for those who read or have the need to simulate their brain with boobs or read the Bible to sort things out, well, that’s an addiction too. Right? No? Why or why isn’t it an addiction?

Next, let’s look at substance and adverse effects/side effects.

“Substance” is defined as…


According to the definition, it is anything that is composed of matter (everything), that has importance or value to us, that has a message or text, and holds wealth or valuable. Again, what defines value to one person and not another?

Side effects are defined as…


So, if it has side effects, it can only be medical or drug related–eating food has the side effect to make me full. Is that medical? It could be physically or mentally medical but, so could everything else.

What makes something an addiction and what makes something not an addiction?

Take away food and it will have medical side effects. Take away drugs from someone else and it will have medical and physical side effects.

Take away that screen that you’re reading this on and it’ll have side effects too–whether you realize it or not, you have an addiction somewhere in your life.

So, do me a favor and I’ll do you on–don’t judge me on my addictions cause, I am working on not judging yours.

I made the mistake of judging my husband because his addiction was playing WoW while mine was spending time with our boys.

So, what makes one addiction or than another?

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