Me a Preacher

Just moments ago–while I was making breakfast, after I posted…

I don’t just have 3 alarms clocks–I have many that randomly go off as I try to sleep. Three of them are named Ander’s shrieking, banging on the door, or fussing (note: the fussing and shrieking are different). The Landon alarm clock hardly ever goes off unless it is setoff by the Danny alarm clock Monday-Friday–or the Ander. The Zyren waking up and the Ryan snoring seen to go off at opposite times; although, one seems to come right as the other one has finally quit. Then, we have the Zyren wake around 4-6 am, when he’s actually ready to wake up. Ryan between 4-7 am–and the final alarm clock of Zyren that quits shutting off.

So… Yes, in other words, wake after horrible sleep the last few nights. :-/ Coffee!!

A dear friend told me…

You should be a preacher. You would have so many funny applications to share with people about real life. Just a thought.

Now, when I read this, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to laugh, because I am a sometimes doubting, sailor mouthed (sometimes–working on it), tattooed, soon to be colorful hair Christian. Who the … Would welcome someone like thy to preach at a church? Seriously! Or should I feel blessed? My husband told me recently that I have been through a lot (emotionally) and he thinks I could really help people–and I would love to!! But, me a preacher?

Shortly later, I brought my food into the living room where L was trying to pull our blinds up, I quickly tried to help him pull the bigger one up as it’s hard even for me to do…

20131202-084915.jpgIt’s a good 4 ft or so long. I have no problem with him doing the 2 ft windows but, as I did so– L said, “I got to pull harder.” I quickly thought about what I was doing. I was preventing Landon from growing, from taking a chance, and believing in himself. I wasn’t believe in him–I guarantee he could do the big one if I had just let him.

I was doing that to myself–I am so set in my ways, that I can only do this, this, and this–that I wouldn’t even consider, maybe I could grow. Maybe some day, I could be a pastor. Maybe not a pastor but, maybe a small group leader first.

Yes you do! Shake things up a little. That’s what Jesus did right. The unexpected can be very powerful. I believe you have a lot to offer. Love you girl

Warmed my little heart–now for some time with my noisemakers–I mean life makers and coffee.

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