Hold Your Tongue

Family came out for an early Christmas and since my last post, I’ve been working on holding my tongue. At first it was because it was little stuff and I didn’t have time to write. Then it turned into because I know some of the people read it and I didn’t want to hurt feelings. But, this last week or so, I’ve been thinking about it and I am going to write about different things and some are going to be uncomfortable but, need to be written about so–here’s this mornings topic.

Sleeping in is ONLY for dads.

If this isn’t true in your house, I give you props but, here in my house—I haven’t slept in later than my husband, on his days off, in almost 3 months. After first, it was no biggie–my body started getting used to it and on the days I started feeling sick, I would go to bed earlier and try to compensate for the early night hours because I knew late mornings hose weren’t coming. But, on days when the youngest goes to be around 10pm and you’re up past 10:30pm hoping your Mr. will come to bed in 30 minutes once his painkillers have kicked in–include ridiculous amounts of waking up and being awake. It doesn’t seem like enough sleep for anyone. I am glad this work week is only a one day work week for me.

This happens from time to time see–it started out Friday night with me telling Mr. I was going to kick him out of bed in the morning, with the boys. He responded with if he got to sleep in Saturday, I could Sunday. Sadly, guess who’s awake and guess who is sleeping.

My train of thought…
If you plan on doing something or telling someone you will, then do it (please). They may be counting on it. Staying up late, getting up early, getting a babysitter–whatever it is. Just do it! If you have no intention of doing it, then tell them the minute you know.

If you have a kind idea but, may change your mind, arrange everything on YOUR end and surprise them. That way, they’re never let down and left wondering when they stop taking your word to mean anything.

Just a thought–sorry for the vent (if you don’t like it) but, I got tired of thinking hold your tongue! when it’s my place to begin with.

Now to go enjoy my breakfast-to-go from Emerald’s that was on closeout.

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