Awaiting Christmas & Meetups

We’re not super rich at the moment. I knew we were doing great when we had food stamps, before Mr. was working. Now, we are eligible for them but, don’t get any. They have us bring in almost twice as much as we actually see. Ridiculous, I tell you! We can make it–unlike before we moved. But, I have to get back to couponing like a crazy person. I needed to any way, with our launch party next month and our beta app coming out the following month. But, because we aren’t rich, we are waiting for my husband’s family to send the money they usually do–just so we can give our kiddos a Christmas, I bought a few smaller presents before Christmas time but, they opened most of them. But, of course, Mr. works Christmas so, we might delay Christmas which would work, because we don’t have money out our ears.

He’s a hard worker and I feel like I am doing my part. Just didn’t have enough freelance work–which was kind of nice to have a break. Plus, had some time off this month for Christmas with the family, which was amazing. Just taking it a day at a time–it’ll be nice when we bring in 6-figure incomes but, until then, we are just gonna live on a tight budget and make it work.

In the mean time, I’ve been working on arranging a get together to watch a tv series and eat–especially cause moms (women, in general) can always use more drama free friends.

Thinking Once Upon A Time–and some night that Ryan usually works. But, we’ll see. I was going to use the Meetup app to arrange it all but, ha! I am not paying to make new friends. Not gonna happen.

Well my belly is growling and kids are starting to scream at each other so, time to run… The shoving is getting closer and the hitting has already started. One day! I only work one day this week!

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