Following the Crowd?

Whenever I write or think about New Year’s resolutions, I can’t help but think–

… so, if everyone jumped off a cliff, you would too?


I mean, so many of us set similar resolutions–loss weight, get out of debt, buy a house, get married, learn some kind of language…

Every time I read people’s resolutions, I almost want to tell people to be original all. It sickens me. I have only read one original post this year –thank you, Fevered Pen (Jess). Otherwise, it’s all about how someone is going to or isn’t going to set goals, congrats if you do or don’t but, really? Yes–I am following the other “pact”and complaining. No, I am simply wondering why so many people think they have to wait for a New Year to do all these things.

Last year, I took a different approach. I choose 22 activities, in honor of my 22nd birthday in 2013, that I wanted to do. I did almost all of them–3 of them didn’t get started/finished. But, I enjoyed looking back and seeing hey, I did this or best luck next time instead of choosing a bunch of things that I know I was going to fail at, I slowly eased in when it was convenient.

We’re eating healthier, our marriage is stronger, our boys are healthy, we moved–this year has been huge and crazy but, I am super excited for another year with my family.

But, this year, thinking about 23 goals for this next year (2014), it actually has me a little stumped… I keep thinking of things that I want but, I know some won’t happen for a few years–others won’t happen for quite a while because we’ll be starting home schooling this next year. However, here are some things…

In 2014–
1) Get tested for PCOS
2) Take a vacation with my family
3) See my older sister, T, take the walk for graduation
4) Get couponing classes started (or some other form of income)
5) Go on a date, at least once a month, with my hubby
6) Get hubby’s and kiddos blankets finished/started and done.
7) Keep my hair “crazy”–for the first time in a while, I can look in the mirror, almost all the time, and think I look “hot” and know that I am looking at me. I am super comfortable with myself.
8) Get our stockpile rebuilt.
9) Clean out our garage and get everything moved from boxes to totes.
10) Move closer to my hubby’s work
11) Find someone to have playdates with (for the boys)
12) I would like to buy a bikini–believe it or not, I am 22 years old and I have never worn a bikini in my life.
13) Start taking the boys our for mommy & son dates–or send them out for daddy & son dates (either one, once a month)
14) Be more patient with the kid I babysit & with our kids–this also falls into the “learn not to yell as much” category
15) Get outside more. Walks with the boys. Buy a van so I can take all 4 boys to the park during the week or the library.
16) Get a girl’s/ladies’ night going–snacks, a tv show, friends… aka Once Upon A Time.
17) Get to know my family more. Not just my husband and my kids but, my sister’s, their hubbies, their kids, my in-laws, cousins, etc. We’ve all grown up and turned into different people and I kind of what to get to know my family s little more, all over again.
18) Complete some Pinterest activities. Whether it’s foods, clothing style, whatever–I need to clean out some of my to do ‘s.
19) Cook new foods. Salmon, crab/lobster, just new things.
20) Make some new friends
21) Encourage my hubby in his dreams
22) Grow my faith/relationship
23) Take care of myself

Within the next 5 years–
1) Save for/buy a house
2) Get all the boys and my hubby on a vacation to the ocean
3) Have/adopt another child
4) Learn to play the piano and guitar
5) Learn to truly forgive. Almost 3 years ago, I was hurt by some things said to me and I have learned to ignore them and avoid said person. But, I’d like to get rid of it all, sometime.
6) Be able to answer “who is …..?” when I am asked
7) Learn to be more confident. Although I am beginning to get a “I look good” attitude, I still get jealous of my husband’s computer when they have more time together than my husband and I have. Silly, I know but, I do. I need to learn to be confident and comfortable–which I think will come with a stronger marriage.
8) Be able to say how I am feeling without yelling and instead of shutting down.
9) Teach my kiddos to dream and dream big.
10) Have my associate’s degree in something.

Now, my mom had an interesting idea and I read a different way of doing 2014 and that is with a theme. I want to try that too… I don’t know what my theme will be but, I do want to try it. But, it’s late (ish) and hubby is on his computer and boys will he up early so, time for sleep. 2014 will be here soon.

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