Resolving the Resolutions

Really? Everyone wants to loss weight… Why can’t it be to eat better or exercise more? Losing X lbs. is just a strange goal to me.

On the other side of things, I got some of the stuff done that I wanted to today. I am learning that instead of telling myself that I won’t yell all day, I am telling myself to take a breather and calm down before responding to my kiddos or punishing them. The Orange Rhino does a challenge for adults to not yell at their kids and I need to learn more patience. I did really well yesterday but, today was a bit harder.

Some things are proving to be more of a challenge that I/we thought that they would be. But I know that with Mr’s help, I can do it. So, instead of laying in bed and complaining about whatever–because I don’t want to complain as much, I will instead leave the unpleasantness alone and focus on happier things.

L knows 21-22 of 26 letters! I found some really awesome homeschooling ideas. Had a nice, relaxing, silly night with Mr so, time to cuddle up with my pillow and close my eyelids and get up early tomorrow and start things off right.

Happy New Year! I hope you all are doing well with your goals.

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