Brain Explosion

This weekend was crazy. Babysat on Saturday and birthday party in Sunday. Didn’t get grocery shopping done this weekend so, working on eating our stockpile done and starting to rebuild it this year, after tax returns come and we get some shelves to store it all on.

Do you coupon or stockpile?

In the mean time, finding new recipes that I can use to keep us eating healthier.

Do you have some good recipes?

Boys have been enjoying the Kindle Fires with the new apps. They seem to be learning a lot. Need to start doing some other school stuff with them so, going to look up the subjects they need to study and throw together some schoolwork for them to do.

Do you know any good educational apps?

With homeschooling the boys, I’ve been looking into completing some more school before the 2014-2015 school year so that I can be “qualified” to homeschool our boys. Need about 12 more credits so, roughly four classes between tax return and the new school year.

Also, started a new blog–it’s a secret though so, not sharing it with anyone just had to get it out there so my insides don’t feel like they’re gonna burst.

Do you have a blog to recommend reading?

Also–Chuck on Netflix is amazing!

What’s some of your favorite shows?

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