Independent Schooling

Our boys have always been super independent. L wants to make sandwiches by himself, A wants to open the doors by himself, and Z is trying really hard to stand up already.

They don’t like learning with me very much. I’ve tried teach letter and all kinds of other things–numbers, shapes, etc. but, if L knows he’s doing school or having to write something, he’s not interested yet. He wants to do puzzles, colors–well, everything except writing.

This has caused me a lot of grief some days and many moments of frustration. However, after joining over 10 Facebook pages about homeschooling, reading blog after blog after blog, and raiding Pinterest using and phrase and keywords I could think of, I have come up with one of the newest things I am going to setup in our house.

It’s a brilliant, beyond brilliant idea. They are “All By Myself Preschool Boxes”. They feature a variety of different toys and learning activities for all ages.

First step will be cleaning up the mess around the house. I am going to have to find the perfect way to organize everything, get a curriculum compiled, and get the boxes together. Then, it’ll be unpacking and organizing the rest of their toys so we can get all their toys in the right “theme”. I am excited.

It’s just going to be interesting since we have a little bit of limited space. Might have to get all the empty boxes out of the garage and get some shelves put up along the wall and store/organize it there.

Before you say anything about your house being worse or anything like that, let me show you the mess that has taken place from our move (poor Mr.) and seem to haunt me ALL the time…






First step is going to be clearing it all out. Sorting through it and figuring out what should go where, if we need it, etc. Sound easy, right?

4 kids and a cold say otherwise… Ugh!

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