New Parenting Techniques

Recently, I read an article or blog about a new parenting technique that I have beyond using along with joining the Orange Rhinos team.

It’s getting kiddos an ultimatum, in a way. Now, while watching Parenthood with Mr., Zeek mentions that kids should run the whole show. So, I make sure that mine aren’t but, the trick that I have started using is giving L an ultimatum or two options. Example:

A few minutes ago, he and D (little boy I watch) started fighting over a toy and it ended roughly. I told L he could either say sorry or go in his room, in time out. He chose not to say sorry so, he is in his room until he does.

Now, I am sure a lot of parent use this one but, I’ve also been applying it to our homeschooling and daily life elsewhere.

Do you want to pick up your toys or do some schoolwork?

It seems to be working really well. It’s tough, as I really wanted to snap at him and spank the crud out of his bum (yes, we do spank but, not out of anger). Instead though, I took a deep breath, asked him if he was going to apologize, counted to three and walked him back to his room when he didn’t.

Yesterday was a good day for me using it. Today has been a little rocky and it’s tough doing something new, especially work other kids around but, it seems to work.

I recommend giving it a try. Might not work for you but, maybe it will.

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