How to Get Noticed at Work in Your 20s

As a 20 something year old, this is encouraging.

I have been debating, for the last 2 years, what field o wanted to go into, etc. When I was 17 years old, I almost made night manager but, the owner and I had different views on how things should go and I quit.

Some days, I kick myself and others, well–others I am proud of myself for standing up for myself. So, while I am a 20 something year old and a mother to 3 boys, I was a single mom for 2 years and have he’d a jib since I was 13. I don’t know how not to work.

Currently, I babysit. But, when you feel like you need to bring in more than a babysitter makes (face it, we make less than minimum wage most of the time), this gives me hope. Helps give me a little kick in the rump to possible look into opening my own business. Couponing, crafts, a daycare–do the job that no one wants to, such as 24/7 daycare, a spot for sick kids, etc.

Now, to brainstorm what I should do.

Gen Y Girl


I once had a boss tell me that had she known I was 20 years old when she hired me, I would have never gotten the job.

Nice lady.

But if you know me and/or if you’ve read my writing, you know that I’m a huge proponent of the fact that age has zero to do with success and potential.

I’m sure that there are plenty of really really uber-smart 16 year olds who can do my job better than I can.  So age, therefore, should have nothing to do with the hiring process.

Despite my strong opinion on this subject, let’s face it… ageism exists. People who are older have to deal with it and those of us fresh out of college have to deal with it too.

It’s not fun.

Some people don’t think we’re capable of much. Some people really underestimate our ability.

So here are some things that we…

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