Suck a Juice Box, Not MY Happiness


Yeah, this about how today is going. I woke this morning, a little grumpy but, quickly got over it. Got a huge wave of peace and happiness–I suddenly felt like today would be an amazing day.

I am still determined that it will be. Naptime may not have gone how it was supposed to and a certain child here might be rubbing me the wrong way–I know kids don’t mean to. Kids don’t usually set out to push people’s buttons and mess up their day. But, we all know that stuff (G-rated version) happens.

However, I am sure that I am not the only person/parent/childcare provider who has a day like this and thinks how a little splash of Bailey’s in some coffee or a quick pour of some tequila in that shake you have, would make the day better. Instead, we take ourselves and put us away from the trouble–in other words, put ourselves in time out. Yeah, as a parent and childcare provider, you have to do it.

Some days, you just have to give yourself a break!

I think mine is going to be having L help me throw dinner in the slow cooker–can’t wait for the yummy chicken dinner. So, here’s to those moments when adults have to put themselves in time out so they don’t spank out of anger, yell out of annoyance, or anything else.

No to Bailey’s and tequila–yes, to timeouts.

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