Another Wonderful Day

Yes–it’s another rainy day here. Another wonderful day that I get to enjoy being married to Mr. and with our wonderful boys. But, why do we have to go ALL  out when we should be going AAALLLLLL out ALL the time?!

It shouldn’t be one day a year we spoil the one we love. We should do everything we can for them all the time.

Here’s a few simple things that can be done to show your loved one (husband/boyfriend) you care:

  • Make them breakfast in the morning. It doesn’t have to be a 6 course gourmet meal. Something simple even. Get up at the same time or just a few minutes earlier. Not even kidding–I make my husband a simple breakfast of eggs, sausage, and sometimes a bagel or an orange. It takes about 10 minutes, literally 10 minutes to cook and put on a plate. But, it makes his days so much better.
  • Make/buy lunch or dinner for them. You may not be the best cook in the world but, you don’t have to be. Take a few extra minutes on the way home and grab a quick bite to eat at the store or make reservations at their favorite restaurant, even a quick doggie bag. Right now, my husband is working 4-10 hour days. We discovered last week that he needs lunch and dinner at work because he doesn’t get off until 9:30 and by then, it’s later than he wants to eat. It takes a few extra minutes in the morning but, it makes him happier and an easier day.
  • Laundry or housework. (Z is waking up so cutting this list short—) Simple stuff, just takes a few extra minutes.

We are enjoying simple time together. Watched a TV show together. Going to bed at the same time. Helping each other out with the kiddos. Dinner together.

Just make the time–I promise it’s worth it.

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