The Dangers in Telling Someone to “Stop Blasting Their Problems on Social Media”


I see it all the time when I’m online, especially in my Facebook timeline. It’s pretty much the same old story…someone posts a (or several) ranty things on Facebook* and someone else comments and tells them to “stop being so negative” or to “not air their dirty laundry publicly”.

What is with the social media police, policing everybody on every goddamn thing they say or do? (Let’s ignore the fact that this post can be considered me policing people too, but I promise there’s just cause).

I know it can be a little irritating to constantly see someone complaining on Facebook, but think about it for a minute…a lot of people go to social media websites with their bad stuff because they have nowhere else to go. They feel like they have nobody they can talk to about it. So, they take to Facebook with their problems and immediately…

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