Drug Your Baby

Warning– mini rant…

I was just looking at something where someone is flying with a toddler and they asked some advice. I get flying with a toddler is hard–I have flown 2-3 times with my oldest, once while pregnant. The last time I did (while pregnant) was horrible. He was really, really good. But, he leaked on my pants so, I was drenched in piss and our last flight, it was super packed and the seats were narrow. So, L’s feet kept hitting the back of the seat and he was playing with some other stuff on the back of the seat. The douche (yeah, I don’t like calling names but, he truly was one) turned around and yelled at me.

To be honest, I bawled. I cried and cried. Mr was sitting in front of me but, on the other aisle and at first, I was pissed he didn’t say anything to defend me. But, after a while, I realized it would have only made things worse. Instead, he looked over at me super bug eyed and mouthed that he was sorry. The lady next to me–however she knew the people in front of us–sweetly whispered, some people. It made me chuckle.

She definitely knew the people in front of us because the douche that yelled at me, his son or whoever, that was sitting by the window, turned around and was trying to control his son from the other seat (the douche’s grandson). It was a horrible and memorial flight.

HOWEVER–I have never and I do mean NEVER, EVER drugged my kid up, to make the flight go smoother. I think it’s rude, irresponsible, bad parenting choices, and just plain selfish–again, in my opinion. I have never, nor will I ever.

Mr and I have driven over night with kiddos from Montana to Spokane, WA before–all over night. Never drugged our kids, even though they were fussing a good part of the way.

We moved from Montana to the other side of WA and be drove for 2 days straight–with 3 kids. Never drugged a single kid then either. It’s possible to travel with a toddler and no drugs.



Rant over….

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