Think It & It’s So.

I am sure we all have moments when we wish we could just think about something and it would come true.

Well, that’s been me this last week and into this week.

I’ve wished that we could just have more money but, it seems like we’re at the opposite stage in life. Car broke down so, then we have to fork out $3xx a month. Once we get our budget adjusted, figure out that well, surprise–our state gave us good stamps along with another in a month so, we’re wanting $75/mo to repay it.

Thankfully, getting that worked out so we don’t have to. But, realizing that these next few months, we’re going to be living paycheck to paycheck again.

We are moving in September/October. Paying a car off, I “loss” my job in July because my employer moves. But, thankfully, Zyren will be one by then so, I can get a night job or something.

Some days I wish we had more money. Even if we brought home as much as the state says we do. See, we bring home, maybe half of what Mr. actually makes. Thanks to child support and health insurance (that surprise–we didn’t have to get for his son). About $5xx-$6xx a month go to all of that. That’s about 1/3 of what we bring in to take care of our family. Unfortunately, just wishing for money doesn’t do anything.

I could sit here and wish for a successful business. But, it’s not doing anything for it. I am trying to get into photography. Have a little fun, make a little money. But, it doesn’t just “fall” into your lap. That’s almost what I need though. Something to fall into my lap.

The Qponing Business was pretty much a joke. I got my license for it and everything but, surprise! My “boss” went to another company to sell their products. Yay! 3-4 months later and nothing. So, time to put my “big girl pants on” and figure it out.

People say to do what you’re good at–that only works if you know what you’re good at. Ya know?

Well, it’s another Tuesday in this house–a day of budgeting, couponing planning, photoshoot scheduling, trash taking out, and hormonal, overwhelmed mother breakdowns.

Yeah–sometimes moms just need to loss it completely so we can pick up the pieces and start again.

Thank goodness for creamer with a hint of coffee.

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