Month 1: Office Space

Well, as I previously mentioned–It is time for me to finally get organized. I have research several sites for ideas, scrolled throughcountless Pinterest ideas, and asked many people in Facebook groups. After a few days, I finally just grew up.

Now, since we have 3 kids–4 during the week days–while trying to keep up with my love of blogging, photography, couponing, and the basics of motherhood, I am going to tackle these projects with a month allowance to get them done.

I am sure I could manage, somehow, to get it all done in a week. But, I am not in the mindset to add more stress to my plate and completely let the rest of my house suffer. So, it’ll mostly attack when I can. 

Today I spent most of the day in the office–I hated it in that I didn’t just play with the boys all day. But, it needs to get done. I had them in the office some of the day. We ate, played, bathed, watched cartoons, etc. It was a good day. But, hard. I can feel my body already hating me but, I still want to do so much more to it tonight.

It’s a challenge. I had to remind myself to go eat. I only felt it really coming on by the time I started shaking so, gotta learn to be a little more proactive about eating. But, the office is coming together.

Our office is a multi-purpose room. We have my husband’s gaming computer in it, my soon to be working desktop, my laptop (goes in and out), and two printers. It is my craft supply room, grocery trip planning, husband’s escape/entertain kids for a bit, and much more room. It has to be childproof yet, adult functional.

My favorite part is that I got the extra boxes out of the room and got  my area starting to look functional. Of course, it involved putting them in the not-currently-occupied-because-the-mattress-is-too-big-for-it crib in our bedroom until we can get them out in the car tomorrow. 

I got a calendar up so I can track everything that I need to. Work stuff (photoshoots, classes, days I babysit), bills, random errands that I forget (mailing stuff we’re selling, verifying my address so I can use my library card without it shutting off in 90 days, rebate forms from couponing trips), etc. I have stickies so I can write down random things that I remember to do–ex: hubby’s new harddrive crapped out so, we need to go mail to so we can get a new one to put in my desktop so it’ll work. I can now make myself a note and put it somewhere that I will remember to do it.

I have most everything sorted out by what stays in here and what doesn’t. Now, it’s time to get everything organized in the room. I have some stuff sorted and put in different places but, I don’t like how it all comes together so, going to do what I can do figure out the best way to store things, for me–I am hoping to do most of it with DIY projects. But, I am betting it’s going to involve in investing a few bucks in some new storage containers, etc. The cheap and durable kind.

Guess we’ll see.

Here’s pictures of what we started with last week–I’ll post updated ones tomorrow.



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