Keep it Burnin’

I can see the light!!

That’s how I am feeling this morning as I look around at the living room that I worked my bum off cleaning yesterday. Although, I have DVDs on the floor (thanks, kids), cereal scattered everywhere–again, a benefit of kids, my new inserts on the end table with my coffee cup, and a handful of other things (toiletries from last nights couponing trip). I am proud of the way it looks. It is cleaner because I worked for it.


Just a quick round of catch up in the living room and it’ll look great. Need to put the couch cushion covers on today too–they’ve been off for a week and a half since I washed them… I know. My bad.

I got new pictures ordered for the frames–because my printer wasn’t doing them justice. But, in the mean time, it’s time for the next project. Shoe storage, coat storage, mail–finish up the living room (have some odds and ends that I took out, they need new homes), and work on clearing out the hallway.

We have left things piling up in the hallway and once a day (for two days), I’ll be walking down the hallway with Z and he’ll lean back and smack his head on a door frame. I feel like a horrible parent and he is screaming bloody murder so, I am well over that.

But, first, it is time for some yummy breakfast… Although, I think it’ll involve a bagel and cream cheese because we have so many dirty dishes… Total disgrace! Coffee! Coffee is a must.

I will post pictures of the rooms I work on but, I will also post them with after pictures, to make me feel more like a badass and so you can see that you can do it too.

Happy Hump Day!


(forgot to hit “Publish”–kitchen is cleaner!)

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