40 Bags in 40 Days Update

We’re getting there. Slowly but, surely, we are getting there. I am not so much counting bags, as I am counting working hard on cleaning the house for the next 40 days to get in the habit of it and get as much downsized as possible.

This weekend. I cleaned our bedroom.  You can see the pictures below. And see that blue tote there–in the first picture? Yeah. That was another project that I finished this weekend. I finally sorted through all the clothes that are too small for our youngest.

I’ve been holding onto them forever because we are planning on having more kids but, knowing that we could (possibly won’t) have a girl and that well, we really don’t need all of the clothes. I downsized them. I kept about 1/3 to 1/4 of the tub. Got one garage bag full of clothes and adding to them as I wash the clothes that are too small.

snapshot-010 snapshot-011

The progress after spending the weekend in there. Still a lot to do. But, considering it was mostly in one day and with 3 kids. What a crazy weekend!!snapshot-013 snapshot-014The upside of all of this, that I am finally getting around to doing things that I never had time to do before. I realized that I have a Christmas present to finish up and get to my mom–horrible… 4 months later! A present that I bought for my husband that I need to finish up. And a few other things to get done around the house.

The other upside–I have time to plant things when it’s nice out. Got potatoes in the ground yesterday. Got some sweet pepper, lettuce, and spinach seeds in some soil yesterday to start seedlings. Thinking later this weekend, I’ll pick up some potting/gardening soil and a shovel to mix it in with the dirt in the backyard and possibly some edging.

Now that we are planning to wait a few more years to have kiddos, I am going to use this time to “recuperate” and do some things that I never did before or haven’t done in a while.

Getting less stuff that we don’t use and finding the stuff that we love to do is going to be great! Time to get back to it. Lots to do and loving every minute of cleaning it all up.


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