Project ME!

40 Bags in 40 Days has made me realize that I need some “me time”. Something that I do for me and that I love. I tried painting canvas for the boys’ room. Not a fan of them but, it’s something to add to their room to make the white walls less blah.

I don’t want to spend my life cooking when–well, we don’t need a feast every day when I am the only one home. So, I stumbled on to a project on Facebook–completely on accident but…

Started The Documented Life Project today. I looked at a few from the very beginning and was in awe of how talented other people are. Got super excited and went back to Week 1. Finished that one and than went to Week 16, since they started at the beginning of the year.

Add a food cardboard box in a creative way–after frantically searching through the recycling inside, I found a Caprisun box that I could use and instantly had a crazy idea. Put it together and was staring at it, not quite satisfied. So, I started looking at others from this week. I was horrified at how pathetic mine looked and immediately became disgusted with it and so upset that I could have the kind of talent that others had.

After being upset at myself for a few minutes, I reminded myself that I just started, this is a growing experience, and it’s just for fun. So, I closed it out and started thinking about what I wanted. I decided I wanted a quote to remind me of this particular situation and found the following quote…

“Do not compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person from yesterday.”

Now, I find the wording horribly because I felt like it was saying, pick someone who met yesterday and that’s who you should be. So, in my mind, I replaced “to the person from yesterday” with “who you were yesterday” and found that’s exactly what I needed.

This quote and a few stickers added. I am content with it now. I don’t need the special journal that they have, I am going to be piecing mine together in a different format, dating today’s and going back and adding in future year’s next to them. But, I am content with it. I did what I was envisioning and not someone else. It is my journal, planner, scrapbook–and it shall me my visions. Not mimics of other people’s creativity.



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