Vitamin D Depression

This last weekend–I was in a huge funk. I don’t know if it was an overload of eating horrible foods, too much gluten, too much dairy, too much sugar–or just an overload of life but, I spent Saturday through Monday morning feeling horrible.

Saturday, I spent doing hardly anything. We ate, watched TV–I curled up in bed and watched a TV show while the boys played. But, it was a “be a veggie” day.

Sunday, I managed to get off the couch and play with the boys for an hour, even though I felt like my floor was going to see what I had just eaten.

Monday morning, it finally hit me that it could be a gluten or dairy intolerance–they run in the family. So, I avoided them like the plague until Tuesday morning. Now, I just have to watch how much of it I eat. Body seems to be feeling much better. But, no more eat whatever I want days—damn you, Nutty Bars & Little Debbie’s Frosted Donuts being on sale at Safeway. NEVER AGAIN!!! 

I was in horrible spirits. I hated it. Had so much stuff that I needed to do but, because I wasn’t feeling good, the house went downhill and the laundry went uphill… So, I’ve spent the beginning of this week, trying to get back to good health.

Last night, I slept the worst I have in a long time–but, so did Z. So, I was a bit of a bum this morning while the boys took some time to wake up. But, since then, I managed to get myself some breakfast, made myself a shake and everything; do some schooling, basic stuff with the “letter A” even though our two boys know what it is; some coloring, again “letter A” stuff; then the boys went outside to play. They’re on the covered patio, while I sit in the dining room with the door open and watch.

As for today… It’s Mr.’s Friday today so I am hoping to get the rest of the house clean, laundry all caught up, dishes done, get caught up on exercises, and have my energy levels back up.

I have a lot of stuff to get caught up on this weekend–cleaning, shipments, downsizing, grocery shopping, etc. Sadly, none of this will get done while I sit here. So, that is basically it…


Struggling with being in a “funk”, etc. have to get back on track. 

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