1973–Roe v. Wade

Some of you may know the case I am talking about–some of you may not. I sure didn’t went I set out working this last week.

The last couple of weeks a dear friend has been helping me get back into Freelancing. I need a way to bring in money and with not working last week, I really needed a way to make up for the difference. Between my hubs and I, we got it covered.

The issue arose when I started working down a list of topics that this friend had given me. They were behind and needed some help getting caught up so, naturally, I was glad to help. Little extra money in my pocket, super easy articles, and helping out a friend. I got the first four done and got to the fifth where it read…

Abortion Legalized

I stopped dead in my tracks and my stomach quickly became knots.

First off, I am not a strongly opinionated person, but I have my beliefs and I don’t like to have to defend them and I will not pretend like I feel otherwise–maybe that does make me a strong opinionated person. I don’t know, but I don’t like feeling like I am shoving it down people’s throats.

Second, I don’t do well with confrontation or touchy subjects. I tend to steer clear from them as much as possible.

Unfortunately, I knew this wasn’t going anywhere. I could either go to bed and know that it is waiting me for–hanging over me, just waiting to be written and chance sleeping horrible OR I could just suck it up for another hour and get it written.

I choose to do the latter. I would suck it up for a little bit longer and just get it done. So I set to work. I pulled up Google and typed in “abortion legalized”. My stomach continued to make me feel like I was betraying my beliefs and I debated saying, “Sorry, this goes against everything I believe, I can’t do it.” But, I couldn’t do that to her. She has gotten me so far, it was only 350 words, I could handle just a little bit more.

Roe v. Wade was one of the first things to come up. I scrolled past thinking “What the **** does Law & Order have to do with abortion?” —Yeah, I am that kind of naive when it comes to the law and everything else. I finally figured it out after a while. But, my part that disturbed me the most was finding a site that was for abortions. I KNOW if you have one, you have to have the other. I really don’t need to be preached at, so please spare me. But, it wasn’t that they had a site for it, I was sickened by how natural and easy they made it sound.

With quotes like…

one of the safest out-patient surgical procedures when performed by trained physicians

And talking about a baby fetus as if they are just a random growth, with quotes like…

Apply gentle suction to the other end of the tube to remove all of the pregnancy tissue

Gentle suction, my ***!  And tissue?! We’re composed of the same ****! Does that mean we are simple tissue too?

…change in life circumstances, an unforeseen medical condition, financial hardship or a fetal anomaly…

Yes, adding a little babe into your life does change your life. It does cost money to raise a kid. But, give me a break! Seriously!!

I was sickened just now when I was looking for an amazing, truthful video about the gentle suction on YouTube when I found a video by “Emily Letts” if you care to watch what she actually said and filmed, you can watch it. But, I am disgusted by the whole video. In awe that I am supposed to be the same specifies as her.

I am disgusted by why she wasn’t willing to use birth control. She didn’t talk to the father about it–the babe was his too! As Bill on Chasing New Jersey said…

It takes TWO to tango.

Watching those videos, while trying to find what I wanted to share with you in the beginning–it shows just how normal having an abortion is to our culture. It’s sickening and makes me wish that they would give adoption a chance.

So many stories on YouTube–whether here or in Russian. Makes my stomach turn, me clench my legs–even though there’s no babe in there right now,

Time to go hug a cranky babe. I can’t imagine my life without these beauties and I would never do ANYTHING to hurt them.

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