The Does and Don’ts of Talking to Disabled People

This s*** right here is BS! Freakin’ BS! This lady is beautiful! And there is no way she should have to apologize for the way she looks! No one should!

I won’t apologize for being crossed eye, well-endowed, saggy gutted, previous overweight, or anything else! We are all made different for a reason so f*** the a*****es who think differently! ARGH!!!


Upon first glance, people don’t often know that I have a disability. I “look” normal. A closer glance would reveal the odd quirks and features of my body. The way my arms and legs curve, the scars scattered across my limbs like broken roadways of a surgerical map, the bone growths, and my “shocking” toes.


I hid the parts of me that were different for years, and I mean years. To this day, I still struggle with revealing these parts of me. I’ve learned to accept and even love myself, I’ve learned that I am beautiful and my disability does not define me…but that doesn’t stop the reactions my disability can and does have from strangers and people I am acquainted to from hurting me, scarring me deeper than the wounds left upon my actual flesh.

But I grew tired of hiding behind layers in the hot summer. I…

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