Dreams CAN be a Reality

Years ago, I was planning to go to school to become a masseuse. I had all the details work out and was going to do x, y, and z to do it. But, it never happened. I changed my mind and gave nails a try. Unfortunately, that turned out not to be my “cup of tea”.

Last week, when things seemed to be falling out of place, I started panicking. Kept thinking, what can I do to make us money that I will actually enjoy. I keep coming back to it. I really enjoy writing–and thanks to a friend, I’ve gotten back into writing again. Which lead to some other stuff… Reading a few books here, trying out some new products and a bunch of other stuff. However, I keep coming back to being a masseuse. Maybe it’s not all the money I think it’s cracked up to be. Maybe it’s not as easy as I think. Maybe it’s  not for me, but I am tempted to try to get some funding for classes once our youngest is sleeping through the nights. I am tempted to look into it and complete the course I need to.

Today I saw one of the colleges that I was really considering. They have a campus super close to us now, about 15-20 minutes away. I saw it and I got a grin on my face. Just the idea that I could go there and do it–maybe not today, maybe not next month. But, some day, I can do it. Some day, I WILL do it. But for now, I will do what I need to to get us ahead. I will do everything I need to for our boys.

My dreams will not disappear. They will be achieved! But, it’ll be on someone else’s schedule and when it’s the right time. Right now, it may not be the right time. But, it felt good to see that it is still a possbility.

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