Focus on It!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I have been having a really hard time focusing anything lately. Whether it is work, housework, give the kids my full attention–it felt like nothing was getting done. Dishes and laundry were piling up and I was starting to get really stressed out.

I quit couponing, hoping that would help, but nothing. I couldn’t seem to focus on anything and had a hard time thinking about anything or doing the reading I needed to for work.


I was doing some research last week and came across a supplement from Natural Stacks. I was a bit of skeptic when I was reviewing the information about CILTEP Stack. But, I ordered it any way.

I got my CILTEP Nootropic this last weekend and started in. Now, I was a little out of it yesterday morning and ended up taking the pill after I had eaten a slice of pizza. But I got close to doubling the amount of work I do in a day. Normally I struggle just to get 8 of my projects done, but yesterday I got 13 done! I have some more catching up on work to do today, but I know that the CILTEP smart drug will help me focus. Who knew that I would’ve lucked out finding a natural nootropic? Let alone a natural smart drug that would help me focus.

I’ve taken other vitamins that are supposed to help you focus and get more done, but I’ve never found anything that has worked before. CILTEP is by far the best smart drug I have found. If you are in the market for a nootropic, check out CILTEP from Natural Stack, it’s the best nootropic out there!

I even got dishes and laundry done yesterday and those have been sitting around for a while untouched.

Life as a mother is busy, especially a mother trying to work two jobs from home, but with CILTEP, I have faith that I can get it all done.

Today’s list of laundry, dishes, cleaning up the house, 18 articles for one project, 2 for site A and 1 on site B–I know I can get all this done! It seems overwhelming at first, with 4 boys here, but Mr. is home today and with CILTEP on board, I’ve already gotten dishes and laundry going, breakfast made, and the 1 article for Site B done!

I am excited to see what other products Natural Stacks has out there that might help me to better.

I know I’ve got this. I can focus and I have so much more energy. Z is asleep, so it’s time to bust out these next 18 for the project.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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