I’m so….ratchet?


Yesterday, I sort of got into some Facebook drama. Unintentionally, but it happened.

I was sitting in the waiting room of the x-ray department at the hospital we took Nolan to for his gastro issues (he needed an x-ray of the flat part of his abdomen). I happened to open my Facebook and read a status update that instantly annoyed me.
It was along the lines of “screaming children of [grocery store], I’m not saying you should SHUT UP, I just think you sound a lot better when I CAN’T hear you. Please teach your children some dicipline, I don’t come grocery shopping to watch Maury and play ring around the rosey, it’s embarrassing and not for me.”

It irritated me because not only was the originally post extremely judgmental and rude, but the majority of comments were as well. This person and her friends picked apart this mother she…

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