Eyebrow Shaping Tips

I’ve always felt like I had man eyebrows. I hated seeing my sisters’ eyebrows so slim and perfect. I am sure they struggled through highschool to get them, but mine looked more like my husband’s than a lady’s. It was horrific! I hated them.

I always tried to find some way to cover them up. Bangs, hair in the face, big glasses, make-up–anything would do. This weekend, after having failed, several times, trying to make sugaring wax, I decided I could at least fix my eyebrows.

I had looked up threading and honestly, I haven’t practiced enough and not the best at hand-eye coordination, so I am going to stick with twee-zing. But, I found this amazing video and wanted to share it with those who are also struggling with their eyebrows. It really helps!

I still need to buy an eyebrow pencil, as my eyeliner that I have is too dark and I have one spot that looks bald, but it is just blonde.

Hope it helps you as well as it helped me!

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