We all need days where…

Our kiddos prove that we are not doing things completely wrong.

Mine was today.

A asked for a piece of cheese. I gave him some and continued to make Mr’s breakfast, a few minutes later he was back in the kitchen for more and not thinking about it, I cut him another piece and gave it to him. When I looked over, he still had the first one.

A continued to say, “Mo’ cheese, please” and then ran out of the kitchen saying, “Cheese. Cheese, baby.”

I peeked around the corner and he was trying to get Z to take the slice of cheese he had just gotten from me. Turns out Z had been attacking his first piece.

I went back to cooking Mr’s breakfast, my heart feeling all warm and fuzzy. “Man, we’re are so lucky to have such awesome kids,” I thought.

Moments later I hear this, “Tan-to, mommy!” I turn around and A is standing behind the corner with his head peeking out.

These little boys know just when to melt mommy’s heart.

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